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Controls audio/video products, light, curtains, projectors, alarms, and much more
converts signals from a remote control (Apple, Bose, Bang&Olufsen, NEC, Philips, etc.) into others signals. InfraRed, RS232, relays, etc.
Converts InfraRed or RS232 into X10 signals IR, RF or PLC
High-power long-range wide-angle dual-band front IR booster - range 10-14 mtrs
2 pcs low-power IR outputs for hidden installation
Integrated 3-channel IR distributor for multiroom or distributed control
2 pcs RS232 ports (2400-38400 bps)
2 digital outputs (controls relays and digital inputs)
Generates XML files for your Beo5, Beo6
Can be controlled from computers and controllers like the MasterLink Gateway, Crestron, AMX and more

Lintronic TT455-RT-238 - V6.1

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