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Danishsat España has many years of experience installing costumer designed home entertainment systems.
Throughout the years we have found a series of special electronic devices and accessories that makes the installations better and more user friendly, products that we now import or produce, and sell in our web-shop. All products have been tested in our own installations, and only the best products have been select for our web-shop. Our technicians are always ready to support you, for any technical question you may have.

Our Products:
We install all brands of Television, Hi-Fi, Home cinema etc, but we have always preferred the products from Bang & Olufsen. Therefore we sell a great deal of products that are compatible with Bang & Olufsen. This include Masterlink and Powerlink products, Light controls, Dimmers and the TT455-RT-238 signal converter from Lintronic.

In our installations we have found the need to include other high quality products; like Apple. We have found a few useful products to combine with Apple TV. We have successfully designed our own wall bracket for Apple TV, a discrete and functional wall bracket that not only supports the Apple TV unit, but also hide the cables. The bracket is greatly appreciated by our costumers. As the Apple TV is incompatible with older Televisions, we have found a converter unit from js-technology. It converts the component (YUV) signal to RGB Scart, maintaining a very high picture quality. Most installations include a satellite system. A very useful product is the SmartWi card splitter. With this wireless Multi Room Solution you can share one original smart card between all your receivers in your household. The wireless master box will connect to the digital receivers via a wireless slave card that slide into your receiver’s cam module or embedded cam. It will then work as if the original smart card was inserted directly into your receiver.
This solution is useful when you have more than one receiver in your home, and it will save you for paying additional extra monthly fee for extra cards.

B&O Link: Our Master and Power-link products are 100% compatible with Bang & Olufsen. There are to our knowledge no physical difference, and the products has been tested in hundreds of Bang & Olufsen installations.

Dimmer: The Innovus Dimmer is designed to work with the Beo4 remote from Bang & Olufsen. It works very much like the old LC2.

Lintronic: Use ONE remote control to control all your audio/video devices, curtains, light, music, garage door, etc. and control your home from a computer. Even if you do not own any other B&O products, there are hundreds of good reasons why we recommend that you invest in a BEO4 /BEO5. TT455-RT-238 is a universal signal-converter, typically operated by a remote control called the Trigger (Apple, B&O, Bose, LogiTech, Keyspan, NEC, Nevo, Philips, Pronto and more), controlling a wide number of actions: Audio/video products, amplifiers, cd/dvd players, TVs, flat screens, projectors, light systems, fireplaces, air condition, curtains, relays, Home Automation programs and much more.

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